In 2007 Ash Kumar began building his elite team of Makeup & Henna Artists and was the first to establish an Artist Agency in the South Asian Community.  This rapidly expanding, groundbreaking agency paved the way for Asian Women to pursue careers and job opportunities in Makeup and Henna.  

The Artist Company prides itself in providing first class bridal services for the past decade through their international services.  Now a global team, AK Pro Artists are trained from the ground up, continuously assessed and groomed to provide excellence in bridal henna, hair, makeup and styling and are experts in their field.  Serving clients from Manhattan to Morocco, delivering the best in beauty while maintaining the AK Philosophy.  It is no wonder celebrities and brides around the world choose a member from the Pro Team or even Mr. Kumar himself to be a part of their beauty arsenal on their big day.   A keen attention to detail ensures the experience to be a memorable one and exceeds the expectations of all bridal clients.

The Ash Kumar Group of Companies is comprised of professional’s hand selected by Ash Kumar himself.  From Managing Directors to Specialist Educators, they have been key in building a brand based on his vision and his philosophy on the foundation of expertise, loyalty, excellence, sharing and learning.  

These highly skilled, trained group of professionals are responsible for representing not only the brand but also Ash Kumar himself.  Ensuring business is conducted ethically, honestly and with integrity is of utmost importance.  They pride themselves in being ambassadors and role models in the beauty industry.  It is this pride and sense of leadership the team possesses that proves they are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to Asian beauty.  It is their goal to deliver superiority in all aspects of the brand, treating their clients with respect, bringing refined professionalism and providing the coveted “Ash Kumar Experience”.